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Mentor Contacts

Blackburn Elementary School
Susan Burrell, Principal
Kimberly Beck-Counselor 
Jill Horne-Family Advocate*  

Long Branch Elementary School
Sharon Head, Principal
Carol Spooner, School Counselor *
Marianne Beliveavu, Family Advocate            

Lumpkin County Elementary School
Pennie Fowler, Principal
Matt Cole, School Counselor *
Gwen Brock, Family Advocate

Lumpkin County Middle School
Rick Conner, Principal
Diane Orado, School Counselor*
(7th & 8th Grade)
Brian Kendrick, School Counselor (6th Grade & PLS)
Mariane Beliveavu, Family Advocate  
Beth Grindle, Curriculum Specialist

Lumpkin County High School
706- 864-6186
Mike Tinney, Principal
Mary Smith, School Counselor*
Edna Chisena, School Counselor
Adria McCormack, Family Advocate  
Brooke Whitt, Workplace Readness

Lumpkin County Family ConnectionRoger Greer, Youth Development & Challenge Course Manager           
Brenda Cronan, Family Connection Coordinator

What is Mentoring?

Mentoring is an opportunity for adult leaders in the community to play a role in shaping a child's future. It is a chance to be a role model, and a friend and to provide a positive influence in that child's life.

We offer three ways for you to get involved:

  1. Individual mentoring
  2. Classroom mentoring
  3. Tutoring
Mentor Brochure
For additional information, contact us:

Roger Greer - Challenge Course and Youth Development Director

Lumpkin County Family Connection